Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Thank You Part 2

Ok guys and dolls, as promised! Sorry i took such a long time to do such a simple thing. anyway, enjoy all the photos!

Sorry Frieda but I screwed up my camera during my first week so our photos taken at Dmaggios are all gone, hope u dont mind me using such an old skool photo. Taken 7 years ago!

Bowling scores, err..... no comment.

Bowling hotties, hahaha!


Say Haggis!

Wedding bells soon?

Me and the organiser, thx Jenny!

Me & Polly, my ex local contact when I was an exchange student. She was single 7 years ago and now shes very mumsy!

Polly and her adorable twins, awww~

A taste of Irish in Scotland, LOL

Thx Gill for coming, great to see you again and ure still funny! Thats the same map that I was using in 2002.

Lastly, thx to my beloved Mum for being sooo understanding and letting me go at such crucial time in our family. I was in a dilemma but she told me to go for it as its been ages since I last saw my host fam and friends.

I hope I didnt missed anybody this time, if youre not in me thx photos, pls remind me. Blame the mind but not the heart.

To Sabrina, I dont know if youre reading this, but it was really unfortunate that we couldnt meet up after so many years. But speaking to u on the phone was really good. I hope your dad in law is okay now and congrats again on ur pregnancy! Pls keep in touch and update me always.

With all my love (to everyone that I managed to meet up in Glasgow and spoke on the phone with), thx soo much for having me again, spending time with me, laffing with me (or is it at me?), listen to my Msia-UK comparisons (boring, I know), treating me and feeding me, showing me around, and everything that happened during my wonderful stay. I shall not forget each and everyone of you and pls pls let me know if u are ever in Malaysia. I am more than happy to have you as my guest. Keep in touch!

Lulu Hobbit.
ps: Ok ok, next post will not be abt my holiday again. Keep on bragging abt it, sorry lah!

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